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Boys in Uniform

They make it look good!

Shounen Uniformu
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Boys in Uniform

This is a community for posting drawn pictures of guys in uniform. Typically this involves manga style art.

The Rules!
Every community needs rules

*Use lj-cut tag It saves our friends' list's format and helps out those on dialup or who use public computers to access their flists.

*There may be adult content in this community. Please friends-lock it. However, the overall community is not intended to be adult in nature. Since making oneself 18 on livejournal requires only adjustment of a few data fields, I am going to ask you to please use your own conscience.

*Please try to post source URL If you know it.

*Uniforms. Obviously. The most common and widely loved is of course the military garb, but feel free to put up nurses/doctors, flight attendants... if you found a sexy looking Wienershnitzel employee, we'll take it.

*Men. Also obvious. Males of any age, although bishounen are our target. I know I'm asking for flack but I will also accept well-drawn futa (trans).

*Yaoi allowed, and encouraged. Shota is also allowed. Guro, etc, all allowed. There is NO limit on picture content but please label all adult/fetish matter. Pictures of both men and women are allowed if the man is clearly visible.

*Nazi uniforms accepted and encouraged. We are here to admire the uniforms, not the politics. Just because we like army garb doesn't mean we support war, or support THE war, or are neo-nazis, etc. The Nazis were snappy dressers, but they did not know how to be nice to people. I want neither comments on how unethical it is to allow Nazi pics nor ones enthusiastic about any such political philosophy.

That's it! Have fun.