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Akira in Uniform

October 2009

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ironicinsomnia in boys_in_uniform

Hi Everyone-Uniform Boys Photobucket

Hey Everyone! This is my first post here so I'm really excited. My names Ting and I'm planning on reviving this community! It's a pleasure to meet you! Rules are exactly the same so please abide by them. [But I feel we'll have no issue with that.]

I've decided to start a Photobucket Account for the [Male-Uniform] Art I've collected! I'm still updating it but it currently has 34 images! I'm going to try harder to find art you guys haven't seen before.... Sorry if you have seen all of these already....

If you guys have any art you'd like to share, you can comment this post and post it or something and I'll credit you when I post it in the photobucket account!

I'm trying not to post any more Hetalia [urk...already have]. If you notice any females, please  notifty me also so I can delete them! Whenever I collect 20 new pictures, I'll probably make a post in the community to remind you guys to check it out. I'm still trying out new things so tell me if this is alright with you!!

Here it is-Please enjoy!:


From now on I'll try my hardest to keep this community alive! I'm planning on getting more moderators to post new art or something. Any suggestions/comments/critiques are really appretiated! Thank you very much!

-EDIT: 56 pictures


To be honest, I'm fairly uncomfortable with photobucket accounts "collecting" artwork by unnamed, uncredited artists, but that's just me.

A small suggestion, maybe try to credit the original artists where you can instead of the people who found the artwork?
Ah!... i'm really sorry.... I'll try my hardest to get the sources of pictures I start collecting from now on...
Hi ironicinsomnia:

I'm brand new to the community and I hope you don't mind my suggestions. I couldn't help but notice that the boys in uniform community seems to be small and update slowly.

I think part of the reason for this might be because the community is so focused on manga art alone. You may want to consider widening this community into covering gay military art/slash/literature and film. You could still keep the main emphasis on manga art but by increasing what people can submit as reviews would probably increase the number of submissions and members you're getting.

I've been looking on livejournal for a while now for a community dedicated to military themed slash and art-- and I can tell you that there really isn't much to pick from right now.

If you do decide to change what will be submittable, you might also want to update the rules of submission so that people include things like: format(manga/short story/web comic ect.), author/artist, complete/incomplete, length, and a link as well as their review.

For what it's worth, I'm really glad that you took over the community and gave people like me the chance of discovering it. I'm having a great time catching up on all of the past submissions and I just want to say thanks. ^^

Ah! One more suggestion(this is the last one-- promise!), you might also want to underline the broad definition of "uniform" in your next post to the community.

Just glancing over the last years posts, it looks like everyone has forgotten that uniformed men can include police officers/ firemen/ prison inmates/ sports teams/ school boys/ and so on.

Adding a couple more lines about this in the community rules might also not be a bad idea.
Sorry! I really thought that the last one was going to be it but... uh, I have another one.

It looks like in the past, a lot of the community members have just posted pictures to the community without noting where they found the artwork or who the artist is. I've been a member of a couple of art galleries where this has turned into a huge problem. Not only because it makes it really easy for the wrong person to claim that the work belongs to them but also because the artists can claim that there work is being stolen or misrepresented.

In order to avoid a potential problem before it happens, you may want to think about issuing a new rule where all art submissions/ reviews must note the artist and a link to where the art was originally located.

I also think it'd be a good idea to include a rule that all art submissions rated above PG-13 or R, be done in the form of a link and include content warnings. The only reason I say that is because it would help cut down on any possible art theft and because questionable content is a big part of this kind of community. I know this sort of feels like a rule that everyone should automatically know already-- but it can't hurt to spell things out.
Thank you for the suggestions and comments!! I haven't been very active on Livejournal recently because of all the work I have and everything! I really appretitiate it, welcome! You seem to really know your stuff and in addition to that, you seem very kind and you're obviously at least a little active! Would you be willing to become an admin? I've been incredibley busy so until I can devote more time/focus more on Boys in Uniform, would you care to help me run it?
Hi Ting:

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Work has been nuts. >.<

I'd love to become an admin for BinU! Thank you so much for asking me- I'm really excited about it. Do I have to do anything special on livejournal in order to set myself up as an admin to the community? Are there any other admins or is it just the two of us so far?

Would there be any chance of us getting together on AIM at some point to talk about what changes to the community we might want to make? I'm not sure which of my suggestions you liked and I want to go over the community rules.

The number one thing I feel we need to do is increase what is allowed to be submitted. I like keeping the focus of the community on manga art but I think we should add to the list: anime, web-comics, art, movies, and TV shows. This way the community is still based on art reviews but we'll also will generate some new activity.

I just really want to make sure that we are on the same page so that I don't make any changes which you disagree with. I'm also not sure how active you want to be with maintaining the community at this point- for example, should I talk to you before making any actions outside from basic maintenance or do you just want occasional status reports?

My aol screen name is HystericalLight and honestly, I'm almost never on. But if we set up a meeting time/date I'll be sure to log in.

Thank you again for asking me to be an admin for BinU. I look forward to working on the community and talking to you soon. ^^
Hello again~Alright. I'd we can definately talk on AIM. My AIM is ASpinalCord and I'm always on at night. If you give me a time late at night I'll probably be able to make it. I'm in New York so Eastern Time, by the way. :) I'll answer all your questions and we can discuss the change from anime, etc -> all media. I look forward to it!
Oh great! I'm in NY too, so this should work out fine.

I actually go to bed kind of early during the week but maybe this weekend we'll be able to catch each other.

I've been throwing together a rough version of some of the new rules I was thinking of. Once I get it done I could e-mail it to you if you like.

I was also thinking about how we might want to add some more to the communities Interests section on the profile page. The more you have, the easier it is for people to find your community when they do a search.