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Akira in Uniform

October 2009

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hortaya in boys_in_uniform

Mod question

Most days I forget this community even exists. I don't really contribute to or hype it up at all. Does anyone want to take over mod duty? Otherwise I might just go and delete it...


Hmmm...that's a tempting question.
I'm a moderator of two other communities and I wouldn't want such a tasty community to be deleted, so if you're really interested in getting rid of it I'll take over. ^^
I made you mod, too.

I feel that, as a mod, I should have been responsible for keeping the comm alive. But I don't have the time or drive to do it right now (right now being the past two years...) so I hope a few other mods might do it. It's up to you guys if you want to re-do the rules, change focus of content (other than men and uniforms, of course), do something to prod members to post, etc.
Okidoki! ^___^ Thanks.
Oh yeah, you might want to change the contact email, too. :p
Done. Do you want me to leave you as a moderator still? Well, I guess you can remove yourself if you ever feel inclined. You're welcome to stay as moderator and rearrange things whenever you want, of course. ^^
I think the other mod already removed me. Someone removed me! But I wasn't really doing anything, so hey.

If I ever want to voice dissent, I'll do so. :p
I'd love to.
I've seen you around in my friends' journals, so here you go.

It's up to you if you want to add the other commenters here as well.
Oh, thanks! This is probably the stupidest remark I've ever made but what is my "job" as a mod to I guess to watch over the comments, ext?
haha, it's okay!

You can reset the parameters for content or modify rules, if you want.

You can advertise the community where you feel it's appropriate.

You can also make an extra effort to find content for the comm or try to inspire members to contribute more. Modding style varies from person to person, but I personally like to at least get a community going when I start one so that people are encouraged to look for content and post it, but I've kinda failed with that... ^^

Also, weed out trolls if they happen, but I think we've had ONE since our inception, a long, long time ago.
Oh, but to clarify, you don't have to do any of that.

I think appointing more moderators might inspire those people to get the community moving, that's why I made the post.
I see! Thank you very much for the advice! I'm going to go try to advertise + find more mods, thank you again.